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May Book Log
Moving into a new house and my day job have taken over my life this month so I'm just now posting my May reading:

Book: 2009 Nebula Showcase ed. by Ellen Datlow
Month Read: May
Notes: Great stuff, especially David Levine's and Kij Johnson's stories.  This only has 3 stars on Amazon, which is inexplicable.
Recommended? Yes

Book: Ashworth Hall by Anne Perry
Month Read: May
Notes: Inspector Pitt and Charlotte get involved in politics, and murder, of course.
Recommended? Yes

Book: Fathom by Cherie Priest
Month Read: May
Notes: This is a novel about heroes and old gods set on the Florida coast sometime after World War II. Priest always has something interesting to say and Fathom is a great example. At first I felt the prose is better than Boneshaker's, but after some thought that might just be a function of the voice she was using in Boneshaker, pacing and narrative inspired by old fashioned adventure serials. Here in Fathom her natural voice is back along with beautiful prose.

While I'm thinking about it - someone critiquing Boneshaker on LJ said something about that novel not attaining an emotional effect - a critique I disagree with. It's an adventure story about a heroic woman fighting against despair and saving her son, why get all mushy? I don't care for contrived emotional intensity - realistically rendered emotion is more affecting and that means showing restraint. Fathom's heroine is in the same vein as Boneshaker's, a proper hero, she loves her family and her allies but she's not overwrought with a lot of diva hormones. She just kicks ass and defeats evil.
Recommended? Yes (obviously I'm recommending both books)

Book: Lost Fleet Victorious by Jack Campbell
Month Read: May
Notes: First book I bought and read on my iPad, the last book in a series. Yay for instant gratification!
Recommended? Yes


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