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June Book Log
Book: The Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells
Month Read: June
Notes: This was recommended to me by Steven Gould, he is apparently a big Wells fan. I found the novel to be well written with unusual casting for a fantasy novel and an original magic system. I'm glad I read it but I had trouble connecting to the story, I'm not sure exactly why.
Recommended? Your call

Book: Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb
Month Read: June
Notes: I got this for free through the iBookstore on my new toy, an iPad. It's a lot of fun, Robin Hobb is the queen of all worldbuilders. The characters are especially engaging and I really want to find out what happens to them, so I did what Hobb and her publisher intended - I downloaded book two immediately after finishing this one. Hobb's characters are interesting and detailed. She seems to be dealing with a conflicted gay character well. I hope in book 2 he redeems himself from some mistakes he's made and finds true love.
Recommended? Yes, a good comfort read.

I also read a buncha online fiction this month.  Tor stories were up for free on Kindle, and Lightspeed's debut issue was terrific.


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