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Book purchases, mine and proposed reading list for Wiscon
Boy am I glad this nonsense with Elizabeth Moon versus Wiscon is all over.  Now that they've cancelled her GOH hopefully the conversation will die.  The whole thing did remind me that I haven't read anything by Moon since Sheepfarmer's Daughter, however, so I bopped over to Amazon to order a couple of her books.  This one looks especially interesting:  Population Remnant - about an elderly female hero who survives in an abandoned space colony.  This is the kind of fiction that, prior to this whole blog flap, defined Moon as a distinguished feminist writer.  It sure seems like Moon would be a perfect GOH at a feminist science fiction convention, but I'm sure the Wiscon organizers know best.

While I was on Amazon, I actually found a few books that might interest the Wiscon GOH committee:

There's this one,
In the Land of Invisible Women, about what it's like being a woman in Saudi Arabia.  

Another good book,  
Price of Honor, is a survey of the treatment of Islamic women in 10 Muslim countries.  

Then of course there's,
I am Nujood, about the Yemeni girl who was married off to one of her father's creditor's at the age of 10 to be his fourth wife (or is it his third wife, I guess we have to read the book to find out)

Anyway, thank goodness that whole issue is finished.  Kudos to Wiscon for publicly censuring that devil, Elizabeth Moon, and standing up for the feminist champion of us all, Islam.


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Moon's body of work very much speaks volumes about her strength, her feminism, and her ethics, too. I don't have to agree with everything an author personally thinks or believes to find great value in her work.

Hugs to you.

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Thanks Mac. You make a good point - if we spec-fic fans only read books written by saintly, perfect people everyone would have a much shorter and infinitely duller "to-read" bookpile on the nightstand. And hugs to you too!

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