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Falling off the wagon.
I have returned to the World of Warcraft.  Weakness, addiction, call it what you will.  

But this time will be different, because I have a plan.  This time, I have to buy game time with productive time, instead of blowing every extra hour on stupid quests.  This time, every minute working out, either lifting weights or walking, earns me minute-for-minute gametime  (only if it is fitness-y, not walking the dog.  Because she frequently stops to check her pee-mail) .  

And every 500 words I write on the novel buys me one hour of game time.  

So that could work, barbara_hambly  manages her WOW habit, so can I, right?  Except she's a published writer and they are more disciplined than the rest of us....

Anyway, until my family stages an intervention I'm back in game, Wyrmrest Accord server, playing an adorable werewolf named "Roargirl".


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