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Native South Floridian versus vile interloper.
So the dog and I just popped out onto the patio for a game of fetch and Maggie comes face to face with one of the teensy lizards that own South Florida. They are all over everything everywhere.

Immediately Maggie bops this poor fellow with her nose and knocks it into our little swimming pool. So the poor reptile is wriggling like mad to get up out of the water, but she can't get any purchase on the pool wall. Then I, just as oafish as my dog, apparently, stick my hand under the poor thing to hoist it up onto the patio and save it from drowning, and because the lizard is struggling of course its tail breaks off and floats away.

Thoroughly disgusted and feeling even more guilty about this poor creature, I make another rescue attempt and get hold of it and pull it out of the water. Then the lizard and I stand together for like a whole minute, watching a convulsing disembodied lizard tail swish out into the middle of the swimming pool.

South Florida can be a strange place sometimes. The whole incident could be symbolic of why people shouldn't even be living here in the Everglades in the first place, but I guess that's for another blog post.

Sorry about that, Miss Lizard.

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(Deleted comment)
I know, and I have definitely seen lizards around our place with half-regenerated tails, also probably due to the depradations of my beastly dog. Strangely, I feel no guilt at all when she abuses the local possums, however.

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