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How about that!
I converted to vegetarianism over the past few months, for a couple of reasons.  Health and general asthetics, and I read "The China Study".  Also, watching my dad pass away contributed.  I'd like to avoid hospice myself if possible, etc.

One thing I've discovered, to my surprise and that of the family - I'm actually not such a bad vegan cook.  I'm just passable as a carnivorous cook, but now I can make a hella good black bean stew and a lovely green tofu curry.  Today I unboxed my new food processor and made some powerful good oil-free humus (fresh lemon and garlic, OMG ya'll).  And then, feeling adventurous, I roasted some bell peppers (all by myself) and marinated them in balsamic and fresh herbs.  Seriously, seriously good.  So I can cook now, how about that!

Also, sidenote:  gingerale with pomegranate vodka is pretty tasty.

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We discovered our dog likes leftover humus, even, but after feeding it to her once have decided that she must never have humus again. Ever.

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